Jets Wilson Entering Year 2, Sophomore Slump?

August 7, 2022

Sophomore quarterbacks in the NFL is known as the trial year that most signal callers fail to rise to the challenge. Can Jets Zach Wilson be that exception for and with the Jets? Some say no, but let me take you back to his rookie season where he basically had two different halves of the season. He started out his career for the Jets playing hero ball because of the lack of protection given by certain individuals on the offensive line unable to execute their responsibilities correctly.

Deeper Dive into Jets QB Wilson

Some would frown down on this statement but for Zach his best thing that happened to him he got hurt. Why say best thing, well he got to witness not one but three quarterbacks be successful in the system designed by LaFleur. Things started bad with the passing of Greg Knap may he rest in peace, wonderful soul taken way to early from us. But let’s get back to Zach he got to watch and learn what he could do and how to execute the game plan. He finally returned and played exceptionally well with some sputters of confidence along the way but in the end he was efficient.

This year is technically his second year but from an outside look some could say it is his third stint with the team since being drafted. This past off season he stacked muscle and plain n simple got bigger to sustain the rigorous trials of an NFL season. Getting hurt in his rookie season put things into perspective. Now heading into year two can he continue his second half of his rookie season and if he can along with a rejuvenated receiving core along with some studs at tight end and a stacked backfield not to mention a revamped offensive line skies the limit for the sophomore quarterback.

Looking back at some story lines of last year people do not take into count for his struggles. First off was protection, the protection was not consistent and forced him to have a happy feet then outside the pocket had no protection and yes as a rookie quarterback first thing they drill into you is not to hold onto the ball so long. The durability of the skill positions players did not help on the production of anyone of the four quarterbacks.

In the end with a durability of roster near the end of the season Wilson was able to showcase his potential limiting his turnovers while being efficient enough to put fear in defenses with his big arm. Not to mention Zach has shown ability to scamper, moving forward he should continue being a dual threat under center.

This year with a full compliment in the back field in Mike Carter, and second round pick Breece Hall the Jets running game should be the staple of the offense allowing Zach to be more of a facilitator with capability to take deep shots with the vertical passing game.

A healthy Elijah Moore add in security blanket of Braxton Berrios and the return mentally clear Corey Davis expect the Jets to be able to push the ball down the field. Throw in both Tyler Conklin and CJ Uzomah the Jets expectations are explosive on offense. Expect to see big numbers offensively, and a more efficient sophomore quarterback continuing his second half of his rookie campaign. The potential is available for Zach Wilson to take the next step in his development.