Talking Jets: A Superstar Emerges

August 16, 2022

For the first time in a long time, the New York Jets Front office has filled this team with talented players at every position on the field. With this much talent opposing teams won’t be able to focus on any one player and eliminate them from the game. This is great news for players who have been double-teamed, double-covered, and singled out and bullied due to their talent, but there is ONE player who will benefit the most from finally having a supporting cast around him!

Defensive Line Depth

Joe Douglas, since day one, has told us that he believes in building the team from the trenches. He has spent every moment proving to us that is true. From his first Pick as Jets General Manager being an Offensive tackle, spending big money in free agency on an edge rusher, trading up for a Guard, signing the best Guard in free agency, and trading up for an Edge Rusher. He truly believes in the philosophy that the game is won in the trenches.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when in his short tenure as the New York Jets General Manager he has created a defensive line unit with tons of talent and depth. The level of play we will see from the defensive line this year will be unlike any other year we have seen in recent memory. With a healthy rotation and fresh legs constantly on the defensive line, expect big plays and huge stops from the defense this year. But who will be the superstar this team so desperately needs on the D-line?

The Alabama Kid Will Finally Live Up To The Hype

Quinnen Willaims! The Former 3rd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft has had a relatively pedestrian career so far. With the expectations that Williams was going to become the next Aaron Donald, we can look at his relatively small sample size and wonder what happened. Why hasn’t Williams lived up to the hype of his draft pedigree? Is this the next player on the long list of Draft busts? To answer this question accurately you need to look at the context of the defensive line around him.

Since being drafted Williams has never lined up next to a double-digit sack player and outside of his rookie year has never had a player get more sacks than him during the season. The focus for offensive lines and Offensive coordinators has been to neutralize the talent and athleticism that is Quinnen Williams. Well, they won’t be able to single him out anymore. With players like Carl Lawson, Jermaine Johnson Jr., Vinny Curry, Jacob Martin, Michael Clemons, Solomon Thomas, and so many more. Teams will be forced to have to spread the focus around or be annihilated elsewhere on the line.

What Makes Me Believe This Is The Year?

It’s a good question to ask. Why should we believe this year is the year that Williams breaks out in a big way? Well, let’s talk about it. This year in training camp, Quinnen Williams has the second highest sack number behind only Carl lawson. Every report from fans and the beat at the practices says that Williams is UNBLOCKABLE, and this is against a Pro-Bowl Left Gaurd in Laken Tomlinson, PFFs Ninth ranked center in Connor McGovern, and former 14th overall pick and possibly the best player on the Offense Alijah Vera-Tucker. Arguably one of the best interior offensive line groups in the NFL.

But I believe the most telling thing of all was the first pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles. For the two drives that Williams was out there, the Eagles didn’t have an answer for his pressure. He was able to wreak havoc inside against their ones and didn’t have my projected starters out there with him. On the first play of the game, he carried a guard right into Hurts face forcing him out of the pocket to make an uncomfortable throw and in the two drives, he was able to get himself a sack against a really elusive QB. New York Jets Williams finally has help and he will show the NFL why he was drafted third overall.

Now the real question becomes, should General Manager Joe Douglas extend Williams now before he has his monster year and his asking price goes up? If you ask me I would extend him immediately because having a game wrecker like Williams will only help this team bring a Super Bowl back to New York Jets.