Jets Fans United: First & Foremost Durability a Factor for Monday Night Verse Falcons

August 21, 2022

Jets Head coach Robert Saleh non committal on the starters and length of time they will participate in the Monday Night game verse the Atlanta Falcons. Verse the Eagles starters played two series, but the real decision is more about live reps versus durability heading into the season.

The expectations is with the Zach Wilson injury that Joe Flacco will enter the season as the week one starter verse the Baltimore Ravens. Injuries will be a major factor with the remaining two games left in preseason. Jets also have faith in Mike White but feel Flacco is the better fit right now to lead the team into the season.

2021 Jets Preseason Injuries

Last year the Jets newly signed Carl Lawson was a big loss for the team suffering an Achilles injury during joint practice with the Green Bay Packers. Then also lost Jarrad Davis who suffered a significant ankle injury and was sidelined for two months. So, Robert Saleh and staff have to be weary about what to do this year as injuries are unpredictable and could hamper the entire season.

Expectations for MNF vs. Falcons

Duane Brown, 36, who signed Aug. 15, spent the entire week with the conditioning staff, working his way into football shape. He won’t play Monday night, meaning the offensive line might not be together in a game setting until the opener.

Whitehead said the joint practices were “like the preseason,” but acknowledged that actual game reps are important, too.

“When you do get into the game, it speeds up, so you definitely need some reps to get ready for the season,” he said. Another factor for Saleh: Monday Night Football! “There’s tremendous value in this one. This one is different because it’s Monday Night Football,” he said. We’re such a young team and that’s what a lot of guys dream of.”

Saleh said the MNF stage creates a “heightened environment,” which he believes helps prepare the players for the intensity of the regular season.

Head Coach on Preseason Games

 New York Jets coach Robert Saleh can’t make up his mind on whether to play his starters Monday night against the Atlanta Falcons.

“I’m torn on it,” Saleh said Saturday after the second joint practice with the Falcons. “I wake up one day and I’m like, ‘OK, they’re going to play.’ The next day I wake up and they’re not going to play.”

It’s a multilayered decision for Saleh. The starters played only two series in the preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles, and they typically don’t play in the final game. If they sit against the Falcons, it would be like having three consecutive bye weeks before the Sept. 11 season opener.


Expectations is for the team to be very cautious with certain individuals but this is ultimately a young roster full of potential which begs the question which players are fighting for their jobs and which players are competing for starting roles. This area of concern by fans is expected but the team is aware of which players are likely to start the season opener.

The only real area of concern is getting the entire group healthy for the season opener. My expectations is just, there are a handful of players that need more then three series but also believe that being too cautious could end up getting someone hurt.

Keeping with the game plan they used last week verse the Eagles should be a consideration for this game verse the Falcons. Need to protect Joe Flacco, especially if they believe he is that much better to start the season. With Duane Brown unlikely to play the offensive line will be more questions than answers right now.

Our defense is predicated on percentage snaps as long as all the starters play two series then the team can focus on the depth and rotational players to fill the roster.