Jets Fans United: Surprise Jets New Left Tackle No. 71 Duane Brown

August 28, 2022

Brown was well aware of the numerous age differences he would encounter among his new teammates after he signed on recently with the Jets to play left tackle. Brown spent only his second day in pads since joining the Green & White and for the second time the Jets’ expected starting front five (left to right, Brown, Laken Tomlinson, Connor McGovern, Alijah Vera-Tucker and George Fant) lined up in front of quarterback Joe Flacco. ‘It’s Been Great Getting Back on the Field’

Brown, Jets to play left tackle

Duane Brown was well aware of the numerous age differences he would encounter among his new teammates after he signed on recently with the Jets to play left tackle. Flacco and Brown are graybeards among a promising collection of young, players in green and white. In addition to protecting Flacco’s blindside (for now, at least), the two share another distinction.

“I saw Zach [Wilson] when I got here and told me he’s 23,” Brown said after Thursday’s joint practice with the Giants at their facility in East Rutherford. “My rookie year he was 8 years old. But you know, it keeps me young, from conversations to life experience to being out here running after practice. It’s good … they teach me stuff and I try to teach stuff I learned along the way.”

“I didn’t meet Joe at the draft, he’s one of a handful of people still [playing] in that class,” Brown said. “I have a lot of respect for him, for what he’s accomplished in his career. I didn’t meet him then, I wasn’t well known. I was like the eighth tackle taken in the draft. Joe is a great, cool dude, even keel, getting the job done. Since I’ve been here, it’s been great to reminisce with him about the ’08 draft.” For the record, Brown was the seventh offensive tackle taken in that draft.

“Listen, I think when you’re behind the O-line, you have confidence in all the guys, no matter who’s up there,” Flacco said. “I think we had a great group of guys all through camp and to add a guy like that, especially on a young team, I think any time you can add guys that have some experience, it helps out the whole team.”

“Today [Thursday] was great, knocking rust off, the wind feels good, my recollection of the system and the scheme feel pretty good,” Brown said. “Just getting back to playing football is everything. I’ve been working out and I’m in pretty good shape but nothing compares like actually going through play. Yesterday [Wednesday] was a good day of work, and we ramped it up today. I feel I’m on a good track.”

Duane Brown has been consistent and durable. Overall, he’s appeared in 203 NFL games and has never taken fewer than 90% of his team’s snaps on offense. As impressive has been his ability to play clean. In those 203 career games Brown has committed 53 total penalties (13 holding, 32 false starts and 8 offside). In his final two seasons with the Seahawks, he was flagged for only 1 holding call, 5 false starts and 1offside infraction.

That type of consistency is invaluable.

“There’s a good mixture of youth and veterans,” Brown said. “I’m familiar with the scheme, I just have to get the terminology now. I’m not having to worry over communication playing with Laken, he’s played a lot of football.

“It was a huge benefit yesterday working against our guys, even though I haven’t practiced, I’ve been watching them. Today was my first day in pads against another team and it was kind of a shock to the system. But it was good for me, I think I responded well. Sunday [this year’s final preseason game, vs. the Giants at MetLife Stadium] will be another step forward.”

Asked if he’s in shape, football shape, Brown said: “You can run, work out all you want, it’s not the same as having to move a guy against his will. It’s just part of conditioning, the last two days have been great, next week is going to be big. I’ve played a long time, my body has muscle memory. It won’t take a long time. I’ve played long enough that I don’t have to kill myself to get to Week 1, last year I didn’t do camp at all and was rusty to start the season. I got a good amount of reps today, have Sunday and have another week of work next week.”